Software Standard Company

We are committed to providing the small business community with effective IT tools, expertise, and counsel, to compete and thrive in today's competitive environment. Our expertise ranges from the World Wide Web, Microsoft, Open Office, and Open Source projects.

World Wide Web

Today, a business is badly hobbled without some form of presence on the Internet. eMail has replaced the USPS for everything short of physical product shipment and has begun the inevitable decline of FAXing. B2B commerce on the Web is effective and economical in the 24/7/365 world of global trade. PDF files, Skype, bLogging, and IM have refashioned the customer service model.



A world leader in personal computer software technologies, MS offers a wide range of capable, scalable tools. No other software vendor can pervay the compatible mix of operating systems, Office Suite, SQL, CRM, and custom application development through Visual Studio and .NET .


Open Source

The free Software Foundation is a loose collection of developers from around the globe that provide software under the GNU GPL license. Follow the supplied link if you wish to learn more about their guidelines. There exists a massive amount of free-to-use software distributed under the GNU GPL license. Most notable is Open Office, now controlled by Oracle, which for most businesses is every bit as good as MS Office Suite.